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Dalia (Mexico)

Wow, I've just translated the description of your project and have a bunch of questions and ideas. Firstable, nothing sexier than improv! HEHE ;) I've had the opportunity among friends to experience improv Jazz and it was a lifetime experience! I would never have thought back then that the same could be done in my favorite genres which are Industrial and now Techno, it´s mindblowing for me.

The level of expertise required to perform, the level of connection with your musical mate, it's the pure expression of the souls through rhythm and sounds, never rehearsed, never tried before, is the casual talk between friends that's always beautiful... and also for people there to experience and connect too... It is the creation of a communal chat for the souls and the minds...

What do you think is our universal connection to music as a species? Why are we so fond of it? And why it is even prescribed to regenerate neuronal connections?

From the moment I understood that our neurons (and body) kept a rhythmical connection between them I deduced that the eagerness of humans to reproduce those rhythms comes from our natural rhythms, our mind (through the body) is speaking a different language, the musical language, and we like and follow the rhythms that match our internal ones... Would that be MindStröm?

The musician is translating his own brain waves and neuronal rhythms, not ideas, or concepts, just what goes precisely before that, I don't know if there's a soul, but most people define it like that, something you feel but that (still) can't be explained, what are your thoughts on that?

Did you know planets have a rhythm? Instead of Math, Do you think Music could be the universal language?

Do you think rhythm rebuilds the broken bridges between neurons? And that is how it repairs?

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